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Products > Pipeline Coatings > PE inner wrap tape T100 > DVGW bitumen self-adhesive flashing tape for waterproofing for special section tube
Product name : DVGW bitumen self-adhesive flashing tape for waterproofing for special section tube
Item : 2016113161824
Thickness : 0.5mm-2.0mm
Product Name : DVGW bitumen self-adhesive flashing tape for waterproofing for special section tube
UV resistance : Good UV resustance
Adhesive : Prefret adhesive
Backing Film : PE
Roll size  : 0.5mm*225mm*50m
Delivery Time  : shipping within 7 days
Min Order  : 200 rolls
Similar Brand  : Polyken tape,Denso tape
Usage  : For gas water and oil steel pipeline
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Inner Wrap T 100
ⅠSystem description:
The XUNDA-T-100 series is Cold applied tape coating system for corrosion protection of Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Waste Water underground or overhead pipelines.
The inner-layer tape shall be applied after the Liquid adhesive and before the outer-layer tape by hand or with a wrapping machine
The specification of the tape consists of two layers, adhesive layer and film backing.
Adhesive: butyl rubber
Film backing: Special blend of stabilized polyethylene
Ⅲ Features:
Excellent adhesion to pipe and self.
Can be applied over a wide temperature range .
Good conformability and consistent uniform thickness.
Easily applied with no special equipment.
Compatible with common pipe coatings.
Excellent resistance to cathodic disbonding.
Meets ASTM D 1000 Standard.
Cold applied.


Physical Properties

Test Method

Typical Value



Total thickness

ASTM D 1000

20.0 mil

0.50 mm

Backing thickness

ASTM D 1000

12.0 mil

0.30 mm

Adhesive thickness

ASTM D 1000

8.0 mil

0.20 mm



2''- 32''

50 -800 mm



100' -800'

30 -240 m

Backing colour


Black,Yellow or orthers

Tensile strength

ASTM D 1000

27 lbs/in

45 N/ cm


ASTM D 1000

400 %

Peel Adhesion to primed steel pipe

ASTM D 1000

228 oz/in

25 N/cm

Cathodic Disbandment


0.25 in radius 6.4 mm

Dielectric Strength

ASTM D 149

33 Kv

Volume Resistivity

ASTM D 257

2.2x1012 ohm.cm

Water Absorptivity

ASTM D 570

0.06 %

Water Vapor Transmission Rate (24h)

ASTM F1249

0.01g/100sq in/24h

0.1g/100sq mm/24h

Application Temperature



-10 ℃ - 60 ℃

Max Service Temperature



- 40 ℃ - 80℃



1.Brand : XUNDA brand 

2.Material: Polydethyelne and butyl rubber

3. Thickness: 15  mils to 40 mils

4. Width: 50 mm to 1000 mm

5.Length:10 m to 1800 meter

6.Main Customer:BGSL,SSGC,NIGC and so on

7.Industry Experience: more than 13 years

8.Biggest manufacture in China

9.proportion of exportation:more than 67%

10. Production ability: 10-15 ton per day

11.Accept OEM
xunda heng fu .jpg

xunda heng fu .jpg


Polyethylene butyl Pipe Wrap tape is a synthetic rubber-based material extruded

into a soft permanently elastic strip, available in a roll form. 

The tape possesses high levels of surface tack and performs at a wide range of 


-T100 Inner layer wrap tape

-T200 outer layer wrapping tape

-T300 joint wrap tape 


Special for Oil ,Gas ,Water pipeline outer space corrosion prevent 

Repair of damaged factory applied corrosion protection and anticorrosion to pipe surface

Outlining weld beads and cut backs prior to wrapping bare-welded joints.

Outlining seams on spiral and seam welded pipe.

Features & Benefits


Excellent adhesion to a wide range  of industries,  steel piping.

Effortlessly applied with no special equipment (mouldable by hand).

Compatible with common pipe coatings

Endures extremes of heat and cold.

Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment.

High water and vapour impermeability.

Complies with ISO,DIN30672,AWWAC214 209,ASTMD1000.EN12068

Main market 

  • Iran,UAE,Iraq,Kuwait,Turkey,Egypt,Libya,Ukraine,Russia,Bengal,Pakistan, 
  • Uzbekistan,India,Australia,Indonesia,Kazakhstan, 
  • Ecuador,Venezuela,Bolivia,Argentina, 
  • Uruguay,Malaysia and so on.


Butyl rubber adhesive , bitumen/asphalt 

PE,PVC, ALUMINUM backing film 


1 Rust Removal


Steel Surface needs treating. Its quality shall reach Sa2 or St3 grade as prescribed in GB8923-88 Pre-paint Steel

 Surface Rust Grade and Rust-removal Grade, and it shall be dust-free.


2 Priming


Primer shall be stirred well before painting. An even film of primer is painted on the steel surface that is rust-removed 

completely and dust-free. After the primer dries up (one may feel no sticky). The steel pipe can be wrapping with tape

 (it usually takes 3 to 5 minutes). The primer dosage usually amounts to 80 to 100g / m².


3 Inner Tape (Anti corrosion Tape) & Outer Tape (Protection Tape) Wrapping


The steel pipe that is painted with primer is wrapping with tape by means of suitable devices or tools as per joint needs, 

and wraps the inner tape and then wraps the outer tape. Tape tensibility can be 10 to 20 N / cm. The overlapped length 

between beginning and end of an adhesive tape shall be no less than 1/4 circumference of the steel pipe and the total

 length of adhesive tape shall be no less than 100mm. each film shall be paralleled, and must not be twisted and rumpled.



T/T , L/C,Western Union,Money Gram,Cash


300 rolls

Shipment port

Qingdao or Shanghai port


12 rolls/carton ,6 rolls/carton ,4 rolls/carton ,depend on your order size 


20 inch container could load about 16 Tons 

40 inch container could load about 23 Tons 

Sample leading time:

about 2 days in the free season,may be 4 days in the busy season.

Delivery time:

10 days after the order confirmed,and it depends on the quantity of the order.


OEM or ODM, we can provide as your requirements,

including your design/size/material/weight/Logo/package and so on.

Ordering Information 

Tape Coatings are available in roll form.Ordering 

Example: T100-20 WHT6X100FT 3’’

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