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Products > Pipeline Coatings > > Petroleum GREASE TAPE
Product name : Petroleum GREASE TAPE
Item : 2017422153453
Thickness : 1.2 mm
Product Name : Petroleum GREASE TAPE
UV resistance : 
Adhesive : petrolatum
Backing Film : noncelldulsic synthetic fiber fabric
Roll size  : 10 cm X10 m
Delivery Time  : 7 days
Min Order  : 1000 sqm
Similar Brand  : Denso,Bc
Usage  : pipeline corrosion protection
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System  Description

The petrolatum coating system is designed for corrosion protection of buried or exposed or marine pipes rods, cables, valves and metal fittings, tanks. it consist of petrolatum tape, petrolatum mastic, petrolatum primer, outer tape.

Petrolatum Tape

Petrolatum tape is a non-hardening and non-cracking corrosion protection wrap . It is highly resistant to mineral acids, alkalis, salts and micro-organisms and highly impermeable to water vapor and gases. Used for the protection of buried or exposed pipes, rods, cable, valves and metal fittings from corrosion.

It is composed of a non woven fibre fabric coated with a neutral compound based on saturated petrolatum and inert siliceous fillers.

Petrolatum Primer

Petrolatum primer is a tacky adhesive primer for use with petrolatum tape .High melting point petrolatum in hydrocarbon solvent . Petrolatum primer is a semi solid paste for brush application.

Petrolatum Mastic

Petrolatum mastic is a cold applied mastic for sealing and filling the pipeline valve flange etc.

It suitable for application in a wide range of climatic conditions. It is used for moulding around irregular profiles such as flange valvejoint to provide a contour that suitable for wrapping the petrolatum tape. It contains inert siliceous fillers and vegetable fibres.

Outer Tape

The outer tape is designed for protection of petrolatum tape, it should applied after petrolatum tape.

Product  Features

l  UV resistance

l  Suitable to irregular shapes and profiles

l  It can be applied to cold ,wet surfaces.

l  It can be applied above and below ground.

l  Excellent resistance water, acid, salts or soil organics


Product  Properties

Petrolatum tape


Typical Value

Tensile Strength




Breakdown Voltage(55% overlap)


Chemical Resistance (7days ,10% Hydrochloric Acid)


Chemical Resistance (7days ,20% Sodium Chloride)


Chemical Resistance (7days ,10% Potassium Chloride)



BrownLight Yellow









Temperature Range




-30 - 70 

-5 - 45 


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