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10 steps to wrap heat shkinlable tape

Author : Date : 12/10/2013 10:28:16 AM
                                                             Application for Heat shrinkable wraparound sleeve(HSS)
1. After steel pipeline welded and reach to qualified ,to grind welds with a grinder or other grinding tool ,removal welding slag, rust grease and dirt ,let
the surface reach to SA 2.5 LEVEL , while overlapping PE which prefabricated parts sand hair
2. warm- up overlap part and joint of pipeline with heat ,let the bottom temperature uniformity and stability at 70-80℃, and wipe surface's oxide
layer with a dry towel (If need use Solvent-free epoxy primer,please follow the application of primer)
3.Heated the left and right ends of 150m wide side which with hot melt adhesive ,heated to melt shiny and a little nearly melt , quickly wrap heat
shrink to the joint position ,and flatten the ends with hand (must wear gloves )

4.Heated another end of heat shrinkable at 120mm width which side withadhesive ,heated to slightly shiny and near to melt , quickly take on a postitive
connection ,and press it (if without connection , overlap 8-10 cm is ok )
5. Heat the closure patch slightly shiny and a little melt ,paste it on the top of heat shrinkable ,let middle line of closure patch superposition with the upper line of connection
6. When heat the closure patch ,fire power must be uniform when moving back and forth , can not concentrate on baking, avoid burnout closure patch ,
Press it when paste (must wear gloves ),with particular attention to the fixed plate and the inner seam, repeatedly rolling, until surrounded by plastic overflow;
7.Plug in the heat gun and begin to warm the tubing. You will observe the tube beginning to shrink after a few seconds. If smoke rises from the plastic, pull  the gun back a little. Continue to heat until all the tube is tight against the wires and connection.
8.After shrink fully , use roller pree it uniformity,get rid of bubble ,let surface smoothly ,the two end’s glue overflow uniform and seal well
9. After fully shrink , need weak heart heat it uniform again , let adhesive melt well to ensure a water tight and good mechanical seal.
10.When the heat shrink to cool fully ,all the operate finished

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