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Petrolatum oil corrosion tape

Author : Date : 4/17/2014 3:27:33 PM

Petrolatum oil corrosion tape is widely used in oil field projects as well as ship repair tape, the product is non-toxic and possessed self-extinguishing, its simple construction, with a high flexibility, it can be very suitable for irregular workpiece corrosion protection
Petrolatum products can be adapted to almost any surface corrosion protection: the cold, wet or underwater, pitting or corrosion and so on. Once after a simple surface treatment using the product, the corrosion will stop immediately.
The product has a water, salt, acid and alkali excellent performance. It also has excellent long-term UV resistance. Over time, the product does not harden petrolatum occur readily opened to allow inspection, and then to recover. Many application examples of the product, the corrosion life expectancy has more than 20 years.
→Can effectively prevent water vapor, oxygen infiltration.
→Can be effective against soil stresses. 
→ surface treatment requirements low, only up to the national level can be specified St2. 
→ tape has excellent plasticity and flexibility, can be molded into any shape suitable for any corrosion of the surface of regular and irregular shapes. 
→ product molding, quality and stability. 
→ construction is simple, fast speed, no curing time can be backfilled immediately after the wound. 
→ products for cathodic protection requirements. 
→ long life corrosion