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Standard of testing Gas oil pipeline PE anticorrosion wrap tape project

Author : Date : 10/15/2013 8:50:40 PM

In oil gas pipeline project application ,usually meet many problems , how to test whether the workers could do the corrosion protect well ? And is there any standard of test gas oil pipeline PE anticorrosion tape project ? Today ,we recommend several economic methods :

Fist To see Apparent:

Polyethylene anticorrosion tape wrapped around the apparent quality of the decision quality, thus requiring, the surface should be smooth, lap uniform, no wrinkles, no bumps, does not allow breaking point. As long as a suitable tool wrapped drama, serious operation, the defect can be avoided. But the winding process sometimes produces bubbles, this situation often occurs in warmer weather, sunny when winding tape. Since the tape itself has a certain degree of flexibility and self-repair capabilities, these bubbles can disappear on their own, as the quality of such bubbles uncertain problems; permanent bubbles generated if, like wrinkles, like patches should be removed.

Second, thickness:

Polyethylene anticorrosion tape thickness indicators antiseptic quality plays a significant role, especially in layer thickness increases can enhance corrosion resistance. Determining when the tape structure is determined, its thickness is determined, therefore, the thickness of the tape is measured in advance, the total thickness can be determined. However, to prevent the use of different batches of tape thickness caused by insufficient thickness measurement inspectors can use after construction of the pipeline. Also facilitate the identification of voltage spark leak

Third, the bond strength (peel strength) of anticorrosion tape
Polyethylene anticorrosion tape adhesion of the coating is the adhesion of the steel pipe, it is directly related to the quality of the coating, which directly affects the size of water permeability. It should ensure that sufficient bond strength. Field test standard DIN 30670 imitation, the knife cut open along the circumferential band 10mm wide, and with a spring balance and the wall angle of 90 ° slowly opened, the pull speed is not greater than 10mm/min, adhesive force shall greater 8.0N/cm, this test should be wrapped around the tape after 2h per kilometer pipeline corrosion should be tested three. Each project, each batch of tape measure three sets of data.

The three methods almost could meet the require of project,could find problems in time and to revise in order to reach the project standard

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