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What is Road Tapes

Author : Date : 3/28/2013 8:20:41 PM

What is Road Tapes


Road Tape is a self-adhesive Bitumen Polymer Compound laminated to a needle punched geotextile fabric.

Used in the sealing of Reflective Cracking, in Paving and Roadways, as a Sealing and Waterproofing Membrane on Culverts and Bridge Decking Construction Joints.



Road Tape exhibits exceptional adhesion to path and roadway surfaces of both concrete and bitumen.

The flexible nature of the product coupled with its adhesive qualities, high tensile strength and puncture resistance make it’s the perfect choice in the paving/roadway construction and repair, bridge construction, and concrete drainage industries.

To promote greater adhesion to very cold surfaces it may be beneficial to use Primer.


Ensure surface is clean and dry. If required, prime cold surfaces with Primer. Lay the membrane onto the surface and roll firmly into place.


Property Test Method Value

Thickness                            AS3706.1  (At 2kPa Pressure)  2.2mm (Average)

Adhesion to Unprimed Concrete (18°C)          ASTM D1000-04       21.93N/10mm

Adhesion to Unprimed Bitumen Surface (18°C)   ASTM D1000-04       21.93N/10mm

Wide Strip Tensile Strength                      AS3706.2            7.8kN/m

Wide Strip Tensile Elongation                    AS3706.2            52%

Puncture Strength (8mm Diameter Rod)           ASTM D4833      340N (minimum)

Application Temperature -5 to +50°C