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What is pipe anticorrosion coating

Author : Date : 8/4/2013 11:25:51 PM

Pipe anticorrosion tape
is a common approach to pipeline corrosion anti-corrosion coating. What is pipe anticorrosion coating?

Uniform and dense coating coated on the surface by the rust on metal pipes, cut it with a variety of corrosive media, is one of the most basic method pipeline corrosion. Since the 1970s, in the polar, marine and other harsh environments piping, as well as leaving the pipes conveying oil heating temperature, etc., on coating performance made more demands. Therefore, the pipeline corrosion coatings increasingly using composite or composite structure. These materials and structures should have good dielectric properties, physical properties, chemical stability and a wide temperature range, etc. to adapt.

1, the outer wall of the anti-corrosion coating: pipe wall coating material types and conditions of use.
② wall corrosion coating: In order to prevent pipe corrosion, reduce friction and improve the transmission capacity and the inner surface of pipes onto film. Common amine-cured epoxy paint and a polyamide resin, a coating thickness of 0.038 to 0.2 mm. In order to ensure a strong bond between coating and wall, the inner wall surface must be treated. Since the 1970s tend tube, outer coating of the same material used for the tube, the outer wall of the coating simultaneously.

 ③ corrosion insulation coating: in the medium and small-caliber heat transporting crude oil or fuel oil pipe, pipe to the soil in order to reduce heat, add the pipe insulation and anticorrosion external composite layer. The insulation material used is a rigid polyurethane foam, a temperature of -185 ~ 95 ℃. This material is a soft, to increase its strength, the outside of the insulating layer deposited added layer of high density polyethylene layer formed on the composite material structure to prevent infiltration of groundwater insulation layer

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