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Why more and more gas oil pipeline corrosion project choose PP fiber woven tape

Author : Date : 7/28/2013 7:32:22 PM

Why more and more gas oil pipeline corrosion project choose  PP fiber woven tape 

Polypropylene tape wrapped
around the cold antiseptic application of new materials results. The construction of long-distance oil and gas pipelines, how the quality, the most direct manifestation of polypropylene tape wrapped around the cold antiseptic quality of the material level, a variety of materials, polypropylene anticorrosion tapes how selection, scope and conditions determined how should it we for everyone to details of various common wrapping material polypropylene anti-corrosion characteristics. First, the polypropylene basic material corrosion requirements wrapping

1.Material Properties

(1) Good electrical insulation: polypropylene anticorrosion coating tapes between opposite sides of a certain area of resistance should be less than 10000Ω·m2; resistant strength not less than the breakdown voltage spark detector test voltage standard.

(2) Anti cathodic stripping: coating should have a certain anti-cathode stripping capacity to ensure that the coating and the substrate can be effectively and stick together

(3) Sufficient mechanical strength: a certain impact strength, handling and to prevent damage caused by the soil pressure; have good bending resistance, to ensure that the pipe construction not be damaged by bending; also have better wear , so as to prevent damage due to soil friction; the pipe has good adhesion.

(4) Polypropylene anticorrosion tapes with excellent stability: resistance to atmospheric aging properties; chemical stability; good water resistance, low water absorption; and have sufficient heat resistance; resistance, low temperature performance, ensure its stacking, pull transportation and construction no cracks, no shedding.

(5) Simple repair ,coating should be easy to repair after damage, saving construction time.

(6) Prefect Antimicrobial properties.

2. Coating material selection factors

(1) bond strength, aging resistance, chemical stability is excellent;

(2) the advanced construction technology;

(3) the pipeline location and terrain conditions;

(4) Pipeline through regional or backfill soil type;

(5) Pipeline construction process operating temperature and the ambient temperature;

(6) handling requirements and storage conditions;

(7) anti-corrosion layer of costs, including materials, coating, repair and protect damaged and other expenses.