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why now PE pipe anticorrosion tape will replace Coal Tar Epoxy tape ?

Author : Date : 7/14/2013 9:51:16 PM

why now PE pipe anticorrosion tape will replace Coal Tar Epoxy tape

In the the anticorrosion tape sales process we found that Now there are still some people using coal tar epoxy cold tape as a pipeline preservative products.As the rise in the fifties and sixties, the anti-corrosion technology, although it is functionally a certain merits, but in product quality, price, and corrosion resistance, have been far behind the times.

As a professional, I advise everyone try to discard the high consumption of inefficient pipeline corrosion methods, I also recommended several other anti-corrosion products for everyone for reference and us

Here is several decades history of coal tar epoxy, it has curing, high shock resistance, peel strength, preservative effect, etc..

But at the same time ,the shortcomings are numerous: long curing time, stacking up a lot of venues, the construction cycle is long, demanding ambient temperature, leakage points after forming, high failure rates and difficult to repair, and environmental pollution

.Coal tar epoxy so far without an epoxy content of the standard detection method, while the epoxy is the coating corrosion resistance and constitute an important part of the detection method for artificially reduce the effective ingredient of the coating, to obtain improper profits low quality engineering .

Coal tar epoxy content has not standards and testing methods, and the epoxy coating is corrosion resistant and composition of the essential part of the active ingredient for coating artificially low, for low-quality engineering but no undue profits Detection !

 The rapid development of science today, affecting life of the pipeline coating ingredients products without scientific detection methods, a large area of application is not scientific.

 Coupled with the construction of human impact; to accelerate the speed of operation, two layers of glass cloth once wound, wait for the first layer of oil paint to dry then two times, and then a dry. There is no leakage speak first, with a single multi-layer drying, solvent evaporation left became major hidden! And multi-layered cured with a curing it is difficult to identify, especially good luck to the scene of the coating process can not even tested.

Coal tar epoxy at 25 degrees in the environment every road paint is dry to 4 hours, hard work to 16 hours, low temperature may take longer. So how many annual temperatures above 25 degrees it? Strict rules operation to bring the long curing time, make it impossible to large-scale mechanized coating, is inversely proportional to the duration and profits today, the construction team which can operate in strict accordance with the construction specifications it

In terms of price, coal tar epoxy cold wrapping material prices generally 20¥per square meters, while the polyethylene anticorrosion tape, polypropylene fiber corrosion tape, etc. are generally priced 20 ¥/ square meter, must be low in the price of coal tar epoxy. Meanwhile, coal tar epoxy construction costs far more than other corrosion products, construction costs. Therefore, from cost considerations, I still recommend you use polyethylene anticorrosion tape, polypropylene fiber corrosion tape and other products.

The following is what I recommend these products to everyone: polyethylene anticorrosion tape polypropylene fiber corrosion tape 3PE anticorrosion Compound 3PE anticorrosion primer adhesive copolymer corrosion tape aluminum foil anti-corrosion primer coal tar epoxy coal tar epoxy paint tape wrapped around the cold polyethylene coating Compound rubber-modified polyethylene jacket jacket material.

wish Xunda pipe anticorrosion tape could help you .